A plea from a grocery store worker

I work for a Colorado grocery chain. I can’t say which one or which store, but they’re all in the same shape right now.

Please, please, please learn to compromise on what you want to eat. We may not have your favorite flavors. We may only have one type of rice, beans, pasta, if we have them at all. Things might not be over the right price tag, we have to put out whatever food we can, wherever we can fit it.

We all have a social responsibility to take only what we need, and make sure our neighbors and community stay fed too. There’s not an official limit on how much food you can take, but don’t be that asshole that takes all of the ramen, rice, pasta, etc off the shelf. For many stores that’s all the food we have on the shelf for days at a time. You aren’t just taking all of the food from the store, you’re taking it from an entire community.

Grocery employees are working extremely long hours in dangerous conditions we were never prepared for. I personally have worked 12 hour shifts for the past 3 days with only today off, being exposed to hundereds and hundreds of people. Many people are asking what they can do to help. Honestly, the best thing you can do is be kind to one another, be understanding, be thankful for what you have. Say thank you, buy your stockers something to drink (we love energy drinks and coffee lol), and please don’t cough on us.

We love you Colorado, and we’re trying to keep you fed!

A Grocery Worker

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