Denver Named #1 Best City For Millennials Who Want to Relocate

The handwringing over the latest exploits, likes and dislikes of millennials has become somewhat of a national sport. Some of the observations are the result of generational rivalry rather than insights into wide-ranging trends. Still, it’s essential to recognize that—given their sheer numbers—anything millennials do is likely to have a significant influence on the daily lives of Americans.

Millennials currently make up the largest segment of the U.S. labor force. As such, any migration patterns—whether between rural and urban areas, downtown and suburbia, or metro-to-metro—will boost the talent pool of those on the winning side. COMMERCIALCafé set out to determine the most attractive metro areas for this age group, by measuring performance across seven indicators:

Millennial population growth between 2014-2018
Proportion of millennials in the overall population
Regional price parity
Millennial unemployment rate
Percentage of millennials in the labor force, with a bachelor’s degree
Percentage of millennials with employer-based health insurance
Commuting times
This research focuses on demographic and economic metrics but also recognizes that several other factors contribute to the perceived quality of life in each location. For instance, a wide array of personal preferences can greatly influence an individual’s choice of living in a particular metropolitan area, such as the climate, geography, urban density, air quality, public transportation options, the local food, entertainment, and sporting scene.

For more information about our analysis, check out the methodology section. The map below highlights the top 10 metro areas for millennials, according to this study.

At the top of the list, the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metropolitan statistical area (MSA) increased its number of millennial residents by 13% between 2014 and 2018, and leads the pack with 75.5 points; it’s followed by Austin-Round Rock and Raleigh. Keep reading for more highlights about each metro’s strong points.

Source: Commercial Cafe

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