Gigantic wolf spiders are popping up in neighborhoods around the Denver metro area

As fall settles in on Colorado and temperatures start to drop, more people around the Denver metro area are reporting seeing spiders in their homes.

On Facebook community pages around Littleton, Highlands Ranch and Douglas County, people have started to post pictures of their close encounters with these spiders.

Kate Gallier is one of them. Her husband found a big wolf spider in the family’s home recently and sent her a picture of it while she was at work.

“I thought it was a Halloween joke, but when I got home I realized it was actually happening,” Gallier said. “It was the biggest spider I’ve ever seen I thought it was a Halloween decoration.”

At first, the family trapped the spider in a Tupperware container while they tried to figure out how to move it outside. Gallier’s husband even put a bag of kitty litter on top of it because the spider was big enough to move the plastic container.

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