The Right-to-survive Law in Denver

The Facebook Page No on 300 recently posted this let us know what you think about it.

“The right-to-survive law would allow people to live, occupy and camp — indefinitely — in all public spaces throughout the entire city.”

A few key points:
1. If 300 passes, “Tent cities would be allowed to sprout up in our favorite urban green spaces like Washington Park, City Park and Sloan’s Lake, as well as, your small neighborhood park. [As well as on the] stoops of our favorite destinations including the Denver Zoo, Children’s Museum, Museum of Nature and Science, DCPA, Mile High Stadium and Coors Field.”

2. “Neither you nor the police can clear [public] area[s] because it would constitute a civil rights violation under the measure.”

3. “The measure does not provide any new resources for affordable housing, job training and placement, mental health and substance abuse counseling or other programs that help people experiencing homelessness or address the root causes of homelessness.”

4. “Initiative 300 would also make it impossible for the city to enforce a number of laws including, park curfew laws, health regulations and park permits.”

5. “There’s more to do. Investing in programs and services that are proven to help people is the right answer to Denver’s homeless challenges, not Initiative 300.”

Read more here: Denver Post


  1. Portia Berrey

    Denver is about to do what Portland, Seattle and Vancouver have done. Everyone should watch the documentary “Seattle is Dying”. This documentary shows what Providence, Rhode Island does for their homeless population. Rhode Island has made great strides with their homeless population. They have saved many lives and reunited families. Their program has a 93% success rate. Why is Denver even considering doing what Portland, Seattle and Vancouver have done?

  2. Johnny wade

    LMAO Denver you deserve this I hope it passes, It will just prove that Liberalism is a disease, and allso don’t forget all the human crap they will leave in these public spaces, thank you new and Old Governor.

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