The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation Is Closing For Good

This message was posted to their website today.

It is with very mixed emotions, we are announcing the closing of Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation. Both Mark and Catherine are feeling their age and caring for our beloved wolves and wolf dogs is getting more difficult. So the decision was made and the sanctuary will be closing at the end of December 2019.

The good news is that a non-profit in the Sedalia area is receiving all of our animals (including our cat, KIKI) to assist in their programs so the wolves will continue to interact with people in the same manner as they have done all of their time at RMWF. This non-profit works with people with PTSD and military that are being deployed to provide a home for their dogs while they are away. According to their Facebook page they will also do tours, so you can arrange to be with and follow the RMWF wolves and wolf dogs….and if you are in the Denver/Colorado Springs area, it will be a lot less time for you to get there than when you drove to Guffey. Watch our Facebook page for more information on this non-profit as they assimilate our animals and develop their programs.

Source: RMWF

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